We believe Christ’s command to go into all the world and preach the gospel should be carried out both at home and around the world. Through our missions ministry, we assist those sharing the Gospel in places we cannot with our prayers and faithful giving.

We encourage our members to give to missions as God provides so that we can support those carrying the Gospel message throughout the world. Our Faith Promise Giving ministry provides financial support to more than 20 missionaries serving on 6 continents.

Meet Our Missionaries

Jim & Lori LambethAWANAUSAJimL@Awana.org
Adrian & Maurisa HernandezBMFPGuatemalaabba.padreministries@gmail.com
Jeff & Martha AlbrightBCMInternationaljeffmartha4@yahoo.com
Keith & Jenny ArnoldCrossing CulturesInternationalkarnold@cciequip.org
Gil & Denise ThomasGood SoilUSAgthomas@ABWE.org
Kenneth & Glarace KalamaIGMKenyaigm@igmonline.org
Gary & Nancy NewhartIGMUSAigm@igmonline.org
Dan & Eirana DoyleServant LeadersEcuadordoylefamily28.19@gmail.com
Caleb & Sarah BurdettSpanish MissionsSpaincalebburdett@gmail.com
Andy & Nancy AndersonWord of LifeUSAaanderson@wol.org
Mike & Fran VanBruggenWord of LifeSouth AfricaMikeVanBruggen@wol.org