Sunday Night Service

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect as you come at 5PM on Sunday Nights @ Sun Coast.

Welcome Activity

This will be a brief time at the start of the evening to “break the ice” a bit. It will be interactive and often humorously entertaining.

Family-led Worship

This is a great way for people to serve one another. During this time, families and small groups of individuals will take turns leading our music each week. Groups will select songs they want to lead from our church music list. We’ll put a power point together for them to help everyone sing. The family or group will stand front-and-center and lead the people in singing. Family units don’t have to include every family member. Individuals can get together and form small groups of 3 or 4. If you play instruments, use them if you want to. If not, lead acapella. This time is meant to be genuine, but informal also.

Talk About God

During this part of our evening we want to talk about all that God is doing in our lives. What has God been doing in your life? What has God been teaching you in His Word? Who is God using you to help and encourage? Testimonies about these things and more do incredible good to those who hear. God’s people are encouraged and motivated when they hear what God is doing in our lives.

Corporate Challenge

We’ll dive into the Word during this portion of our evening. We’re going to keep this time to a brief 15 minutes. Our emphasis will be topical, and we’ll focus on a topic for about 4-6 weeks before moving to another topic. Topics might include things about apologetics, evangelism, discipleship, our role in the church, our love for others, Q&A nights, family coaching, and more. Each night, we’ll be challenged in a specific area related to our topic. Those teaching will give clear instructions for how we can apply what is taught in the upcoming week!

Action Groups

We’ll end the evening by splitting up into Action Groups. These will be groups of about 8-10 people. The leader of each group will have some discussion questions to help us think about what was just taught and consider how we plan to apply what was taught in the upcoming week. These groups will be a place of encouragement, motivation, and accountability.

We start at 5PM and end at 6PM. Consider joining us for this fast-paced, interactive, practical time in which all will be challenged to continue in the process of spiritual growth.